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FBI Ransom Virus

I have McAfee which is provided by AT&T through my Uverse service on my computer yesterday I while on line filing for Unemployment and when I was finished I went to register for a job search page that your supposed to go to, and it hit theFbi popped up and that's all she wrote.

Why didn't my McAfee catch it if it's considered one on of the best ?????

I have been to several web sites and watched a bunch of You tube videos on how to remove it and no luck so far.

I can't get on-line even in Safe mode so I use a flash drive to down load other Malware removal tools but when I install them they have to be updated so they really don't do the job and restore does not work at all.

So what do I do now do I install Windows 7 again

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Re: FBI Ransom Virus

I and another moderator already answered you here - try System Restore to go back to before you got the problem.   No antivirus detects these things because they rely on you clicking on something, anything, to activate them.

If you can't start System Restore in regular mode try it in Safe Mode.

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