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FALSE POSITIVE - Analysis ID: 10740205

There is a false positive for our software. Could you please recheck it and remove from your virus list.

Thank you.

This software file has been downloaded and has used without incident by our customers since this version release a few months ago. The file has been checked by Kaspersky Labs, and others, and found to be virus free. It seems that a recent update to your MacAfee files has suddenly detected our software as a virus, and has deleted our installed executable from customer computer systems without permission or warning. Only customers using MacAfee software have been affected. Our software is used by event producers for live sporting events where suddenly deleting the ShowRunner 2.0.1645 software can cause significant harm and damage to our product reputation and the ability for the event producers to complete planned events where people come from all over the world to compete.

Please resolve this issue with your detection. We feel confident that our software is not malicious, and is not infected. We believe this to be a false positive detection my MacAfee software.

Brent Sandstrom

X4Codespace, LLC, Manager


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