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FALSE POSITIVE - Analysis ID: 10730800 - please remove

Hello, This an executable for a ROM track (DVD-ROM) Multimedia DVD that simply auto-execute the multimedia application present in the dvd-rom.

We made the executable and it isn't a virus or malware but actually it is recognized by your antivirus heuristic code as a malware-like.

We hereby declare that this code doesn't contain any malware or virus code and submitted it for your analysis.

The executable will generate a simple BAT file that will change directory and call another executable in the cd-rom executing those commands:

" cd voximago

Vox_Imago_PC.exe "

Actually is needed because the real executable only work in a sub-directory but we need to execute it from the root directory of the cd-rom.

We are requesting to be identified as secure also because we can’t modify the cd-rom already distribuited.

Thankyou very much. Best regards. 


McAfee Labs - Beaverton                                                                

Current Scan Engine Version:6000.8403                                                 

Current DAT Version:9099.0000                                                         

Thank you for your submission.                                                         


Analysis ID: 10730800


File Name            Findings                       Detection                    Type         Extra


vox_imago_pc.exe    |current detection             |rdn/generic.grp             |Trojan      |no  


current detection [vox_imago_pc.exe]                                                                   


   The file submitted is malware that can be detected with current DAT files. It is      

recommended that you update your DAT and engine files and scan your computer again.   

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Re: FALSE POSITIVE - Analysis ID: 10730800 - please remove

Have you submitted your false positive to McAfee?  The process is outlined in this KB:

Following this process will get your information and request to the team that will be able to action this for you.

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