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Exploit-ByteVerify virus infection

I have a basic McAfee subscription on my home computer, it costs $69/year.  I have XP home edition. Earlier this evening, a scan found this virus -- Exploit-ByteVerify.  It told me to quarantine and then remove, which I did.  the file was jar_cache3785412519948392.  It is still in my recycle bin.  Now I can't access the internet or any files/programs on my computer.  I managed to run another virus scan using Mcafee, but it found nothing.  The virus won't let me access the info on the McAfee system to report the DAT and last update, but my system updates every 24 hours so it should have updated the virus files yesterday.  I read at the McAfee site at page to right click on the My Computer icon, click on properties, and then on system restore, but when I right click on My Computer and then properties, the system properties view only flickers on for a second and then I get a spyware screenn telling me that my virus protection isn't working and that I need to turn it on.  Other symptoms include the inability to access the internet or open any other files on my computer.  I went through a chat session at the McAfee site but the end result of that was a referral to this page, as apparently the $69/yr doesn't include support for removing this kind of virurus, I have to pay extra to speak with a technician and I work a blue collar job and don't have ninety bucks just laying around.  So I hope I can get some ideas here about how to remove this problem.  I thought McAfee was supposed to protect from this kind of infection.

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Re: Exploit-ByteVerify virus infection

This exploit works against OLD versions of Java. If your Windows was up-to-date AND Java was up to date, this detection has ZERO THREAT to you. HOWEVER, if you did have an old version of Java that is vulnerable to this exploit, malicious code may have been automatically run on your computer without your permission regardless of the AntiVirus on your computer.

All I can recommend at this point is to scan your computer with MalwareBytes since it may UNDO some of the changes malware may make that disables your internet.

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