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Endpoint Encryption Problem

Hi all, I have a HP Z600 Workstation.  I have 2 disks, one with operating system and one with Data.

I have encrypted the both disks. The operating system disk failed, so I replaced the disk and reintalled os.

I recovery the Data Disk but I have the following directories now:

a.- KeyChain Directory


c.- Mov



All this directories are encrypted, I can´t see the content.

I would like to know how to decrypt the Data Hard Disk.

Does anyone know how to decrypt a safeboot encrypted data ?

Thank you very much

Carlos Jimenez

HPPS Data Analyst

HP Parts Store | Global Business Services |

506.2509.5498 office UP8-W3-377  |

Ultra Park Building 8 |

La Aurora de Heredia | Costa Rica

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