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help im despereate. theres this thing that says "ant" somthing or other that keeps sending these "alerts" that my compute ris infected and that i need to run a scan, and it keeps popping up web pages about viagra. i cant go anywhere on the internet. it blocks me form using any applications. i can do nothing. im des[perate. i hhave no money. i need help nowww plzz somebody tell me what to do plz

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Level 21


You should be able to access the internet in "Safe Mode with Networking" one of the menu choices you get when you tap F8 repeatedly while booting up.

In that mode download, update and run a full scan using the free version of this tool: (It will run OK in Safe Mode).

That should hopefully clean enough of the infection up to enable normal use of your machine.

Run it a second time in regular mode.

Let it remove anything it finds and reboot when asked to.

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