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Dumb questions? re: koobface removal with XP

I'm a not-too technical PC user looking for answers.  These may be dumb questions, but they're the questions I have:

1) I'm looking to remove koobface worm from my pc.  I looked it up on the McAfee site and under Removal Instructions it tells me "All Users: Use specified engine and DAT files" for detection and removal."  I have the latest update, so why do I need to download the "specifics"?  Shouldn't they be in the latest update?

2) If I do download this how do I "use" it? other than running the VirusScan like normal?  I guess I'm looking for more detailed instructions.

3) Then there's another link for "additional Windows ME/XP removal considerations" which tells me step-by-step how to "Disable the System Restore Utility" and then how to "re-enable" it.  Does simply Disabling and then Re-enabling it take care of the problem?  Do I have to disable, then run VirusScan and then Re-enable?  Or do I need to do something else?

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Re: Dumb questions? re: koobface removal with XP

The first part just means make sure VirusScan is up to date before running it.  Right-click and check for updates just in case.

Sometimers infections can be trapped in System Restore where they are protected by Windows and disabling it temporarily will delete the infection along with any other restore files and folders of course.

If all this doesn't work then download, install and update the free version of this tool.  Run it and let it remove anything it finds, reboot immediately if asked to.

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