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Dr Guard

Dr Guard has recently snuck through my McAfee protection and attacked my computer.

It appears to be some sort of virus which masquerades as anti-virus software (using fonts, symbols and colour schemes which are remarkably close to McAfee's) and constantly pops up to offer to clean my computer in exchange for dollars.  After I ran a McAfee scan, Dr Guard also appears to have deleted or deactivated my McAfee protection.

Does McAfee have an answer?

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Level 11

Re: Dr Guard


Follow instructions in this link, ignore the ads at the top.

You can also seek assistance in their malware removal forum, if you choose to follow that path.

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Level 9

Re: Dr Guard


McAfee has produced Stinger tools as solutions to help with special threats/infections that are difficult to deal with and we have done so for this threat and are keeping this updated with some of our newer detection signatures and technology that are not yet in the dat files.  You can download the FakeAlert Stinger from the following location:

An article is available at that discusses this tool as well as instructions for use.

It's best to run it from the Safe mode.

Hope that helps,


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