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Download Mystery?

Bismillaah. Salaam/Peace. Due to a mishap, I had to re-install McAfee Security Protection a couple of days ago. The first day did not go well enough, and I had to cancel (I'm on a slow connection). Early the next day (About 3AM) I began another download. Two hours later, as the DL, was completing, there was a an advisory that stated my PC would be checked for compatibility, or something to that effect. After about two minutes that advisory vanished, and a new download screen appeared starting a second download of 46.9MB. Two hours later the DL, installed - (showing its progress) - without a problem.

I ran Virtual Technician [Session ID 12989562], after failure of the first download and it found No, problems. It also showed some files already installed. These may have been from Security Center, which was the only McAfee file showing after I initially lost McAfee Protection. Update, scanned my PC and stated that it was fully updated.

I tried to login to online chat, for tech support, to no avail. I tried more than a dozen times to login to Community Forums, it only opened and closed each time. All of the above facts may, or may not, be in exact sequence. However, I have reason to suspect an attempted theft or hack. Is there some way to investigate such a probable, occurrence? Please advise. Abdul
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RE: Download Mystery?

We are really sorry for the inconvenience that has caused.

But are you still facing the same issue :confused:, if so please let us know.