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Dos/Alureon and Win32/kovter virus

I have been running the McAfee security center for years on all my PCs and have always felt my computers were secure until recently.  My PC was acting a little odd so I decided to run a full scan with McAfee, however it crashed about a third of the way through, I tried it again with the same result.  I then ran microsoft's malicious software removal tool and it found 2 viruses Dos/Alureon and 2 versions of Win32/kovter, if I am running real time scanning with McAfee how did these viruses get past it?  I still cant run a full scan with McAfee so is this product full of garbage and doesnt deliver the protection I thought I was getting?  Is it time to turn to another security program?

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Re: Dos/Alureon and Win32/kovter virus

I apologize that your discussion has been evidently overlooked. If your issue is still not resolved, please try running these Superb applications for a second opinion Malwarebytes (Free)  and  Malwarebytes AdwCleaner

These free tools and others can be obtained from here;

You can also contact McAfee Technical Support, as there is a *Pledge* to remove any virus from your machine,or provide you a refund. Please read the following thread;

Wishing you all the Best



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