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Does McAffe protect and detect the Zeus bot?

I just read that 55% of the PCs infected with the Zeus virus were running up-to-dat anti-virus software. Does any one know if McAffe will detect and remove the bot?

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Re: Does McAffe protect and detect the Zeus bot?

Hi there,

McAfee's Virus Research team is constantly updating its library of 'known' viruses and spyware.  At the core of McAfee software is something called 'heuristic' protection...which looks for suspect behavior by any program or file.  Moreover its strong based firewall still identifies any forged entries to your computer thereby protecting your computer to the core.

Other times, a user can allow an infection by installing a program or plug-in, hiding malware within its code.  These programs are often disguised as free search utilities, screensavers or are even labeled as 'critical software updates'.  Even a protected PC can be made vulnerable under these circumstances.

Dinesh K
McAfee Online Community Moderator

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Re: Does McAffe protect and detect the Zeus bot?

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According to an old thread I found McAfee has that on its books listed as ZBOT:

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