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Disappointed in McAfee

AntivirusBEST is Scareware/Malware. It pops up windows saying "viruses have been detected," and generally tries to look a lot like the Microsoft security center. (its taskbar icon is shield-shaped and divided into 4 color quadrants.)

They want to sell you a full version of antivirusBEST to remove the numerous viruses they have supposedly detected - but which do not really exist.

I am VERY disappointed in McAfee. I just spent the better part of 90 minutes uprooting AntivirusBEST from my son's computer (supposedly protected by McAfee).

McAfee does not detect or offer any way to find or remove this Malware/spyware. Fortunately there are several sites on the web that DO explain how to remove it. (some want to sell you something, so be careful.)

We successfully removed it manually by
1) running uninstall for AntivirusBest
2) finding and removing the MSI install file (found it by turning on settings to show all system folders and files in the windows explorer, and then searching for antivirusBEST.)

antivirusBEST now appears to be gone from our system.

IN case anyone at McAfee is interested in trying to catch up - websites explaining this virus include: possibly dangerous links removed - Moderator

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Reliable Contributor exbrit
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RE: Disappointed in McAfee

Those links are labelled dangerous by SiteAdvisor and WOT so have removed.

You are being mad at McAfee for no reason. No anti-virus application will detect this because it is, by description, rogue antispyware. It isn't a virus at all. It works by deception.

The definitive removal guide is here: , scroll down that page - don't click the first links you see because they are ads.

Malwarebytes will get rid of it as described on that page. before you say well, if it can get rid of it why can't McAfee, consider this, Malwarebytes can't cure most viral it's best to keep some anti-spyware tools handy just in case.

Some good ones (free) are listed here:
Reliable Contributor exbrit
Reliable Contributor
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RE: Disappointed in McAfee

Also moved to your own thread.
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Thanks for site reference; respectfully disagree (and remain disappointed).

Dear Ex:
Thanks for the reference to a vetted instruction set for removing the antivirusBest spyware.

I would respectfully disagree with your defense of McAfee for NOT detecting, and at the LEAST, advising in a secure manner, how to remove it. McAfee advertises the following as what you are buying:
* Anti-virus
* Anti-spyware
* Anti-spam
* Anti-phishing
* Two-way Firewall
* Web Site Safety Ratings
* Identity Protection
* Parental Controls
* Data Backup

We did NOTHING to directly install antivirusBEST. It installed itself secretly, probably through some website (we have a guess, but I don't want to post the link in case I'm wrong. It is a minor game site. If the url is of use to you, I'll be happy to provide by email.)

My expectation as a customer, based upon McAfee advertising, is that, if I accept the defaults and don't over-ride safety warnings, my Anti-virus/web surfing protection product (McAfee or its competitors) will guard against exactly this kind of insidious attack.

I am not highly knowledgeable about the techniques used to invade systems - that's exactly why I BUY a full service, supposedly full coverage product like McAfee. I think that is exactly what the person who wrote the original post was saying as well: McAfee promised "Total Protection" - but I don't believe it is delivering same.

Again, thanks for taking the time to provide helpful links.


AntivirusBEST is Scareware/Malware


May a pick a bone with you. I'll try to be as kind as I can, but I will be direct. Many computer retailers in the Untied States won't carry McAfee in stock for a reason. They claim it has to many problems. I'm starting to wonder if their right. I'm not mad at McAfee, but the professionals need to be humble enough to stand back and notice when their software products have security holes.

I have Windows XP Professional with service pack 2 on my desk at work. I am the system administrator and owner because I'm my own boss. I also have three firewalls. One of those is suppose to include the McAfee security suite on my computer.

The McAfee Security suite is suppose to protect me from malware isn't it? After all it's a full protection suite? Anyway an Virus/malware returned which was wiped of my computer several months ago.

McAfee was suppose to be protecting me from the malware because the problem occurred after McAfee was installed.

The problem? My computer runs just fine until I connect to the internet, then my computer gets hijacked by McAfee Shield or whatever it is that is infecting my computer. The hard drive is constantly busy, and when I open task manager, McAfee Shield is using 80% CPU power for no obvious reason. It's gotten to the point that I just have to unplug the darn thing to shut it off, because it won't shut down. Cannot find the virus or the cause either, though I have certainly tried. McAfee cannot find viruses/malware either. Now, is McAfee really protecting my computer? I think McAfee has limited protection against infected Java script files on the internet.

Not Likely, but maybe you can help me solve the problem once and for all.

Fortunately this is the only computer I have had problems with McAfee on.

Unfortunately I will have to have my computer professionally cleaned before it can go back online, because McAfee is obviously not protecting it.

I do however agree with Art55. We are the customers. If your going to develop a product which is suppose to protect us from the most deadly threats on the internet, you should not argue with the customer, but get tech support busy finding out why McAfee is not doing what it's suppose to do.

Thank You
Reliable Contributor exbrit
Reliable Contributor
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RE: AntivirusBEST is Scareware/Malware

I am an unpaid volunteer here helping out so to speak. If you have beefs with McAfee take it up with HQ which you can reach at...


McAfee Corporate Headquarters:
3965 Freedom Circle
Santa Clara,
CA 95054

If either of you bothered to read and digest that link you would see that antivirusbest is neither a virus nor is it spyware. It tricks you to click on something, and yes, you must have clicked on something, once hooked you are then tricked into buying a non-existent or totally ineffective or even malicious spyware application.

Applications like Malwarebytes are programmed to look for these new things by name and, as I stated earlier, when it comes to the majority of the thousands of detections VirusScan defends you against, Malwarebytes would not be as good at detecting them. It is a specialist tool that looks for the odd man out and flags it.

OK, VirusScan could be made to detect just about everything on Earth but people are already screeching blue murder about the size of the application and how much CPU space it takes up as it is, so to make it any more unwieldy wouldn't make good business sense.

If you read any of the reputable reviews you will find that McAfee is up there near the top for protection. Any independent forum will advise you that, no matter what virus and firewall protection you use it is wise to keep one or two anti-spyware applications handy, just in case.

Anyway, your argument is not for me, and McAfee staff don't post here very often. We do pass on comments we read here and problems we experience. However this subject has already been discussed by them at great length and I think that you will find that your judgement is off base by quite a wide margin.

If you disagree, then it's your prerogative to take your business elsewhere. McAfee does offer a 30-day money back guarantee.

I'm only answering this at 12.21am as I can't sleep, so I'm not in any mood to argue with you but anyone who thinks that any anti-virus application alone is going to protect them against everything out there is dreaming in technicolor. You should most definitely keep at least one anti-spyware application around as well, surf safely, be careful what you download and click on and look out for email attachments bearing "gifts".
Reliable Contributor exbrit
Reliable Contributor
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RE: AntivirusBEST is Scareware/Malware

Oldmonument, as it isn't clear what the problem is on your machine, try running the free versions of these two tools and let them clean anything they find:

No need to get paid help for this there is plenty of free help out there.

If the above steps don't help then I suggest downloading Hijackthis and posting a log on one of the following forums for expert advice, but one thing, never run more than one software firewall as they can clash and actually admit malware. It is OK to run a hardware one in addition, as found in routers, but never run two or more software ones.


Do not post the log here, we can't help!

Post the logs at a specialist Forum:










Be sure to read all the sticky announcements/instructions at the top of each malware forum!


It's funny, but this is like a person suing a car alarm company because their car got stolen.

Sorry to hear that your kid or whoever got the spyware/malware on the machine, however, the customer should accept for being idiots to visit whatever website that was that popped up that ad in teh first place. 95% of the time, the USER was visiting some website they shouldn't have in the first place to get those type of ads. Looking at ****, warez sites, etc. I would check your son's Internet history and see what website he was surfing that generated that popup.

The other thing is that malware like this is very common nowadays as virus writers are smart enough to go after users rather than systems unpatched/unsecured. Social engineering tricks, by FAR, are the leading cause of virus infections ever since the computer was invented.

Now go sue McDonald's for making you fat. It's the same thing really. Geez.
Reliable Contributor exbrit
Reliable Contributor
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With that I think it's best I lock this thread. Good luck folks.

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