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Cyber Security - is it a wonder that 556 million people per year become victims?

National Cyber Security Awareness Month

With 556 million people per year becoming victims of cyber crime, that’s 1.5 million per hour, 18 people per second, and with an estimated annual cost to victims of $110 billion, cyber crime costs the world significantly more than the global black market in marijuana, cocaine, and heroin combined.


As mobile device technology evolves, consumers are using it at unprecedented levels. Mobile cellular technology has been the most rapidly adopted technology in history, with an estimated 4.6 billion mobile cellular subscriptions globally at the end of 2009.

Furthermore, technological advances have fueled an unprecedented portable computing capability, increasing user dependence on mobile devices and skyrocketing mobile broadband subscriptions. Mobile broadband connections rose by more than 850% in 2008, exceeding the number of fixed broadband subscribers.

Mobile devices have become an integral part of society and, for some, an essential tool. However, the complex design and enhanced functionality of these devices introduce additional vulnerabilities. These vulnerabilities, coupled with the expanding market share, make mobile technology an attractive, viable, and rewarding target for those interested in exploiting it.

These are two sample articles i have read recently....

What scares me is the large number of youths who seem to think they are invisible to cyber crime. My daughter and son both in their 20s, feel there is to much emphasis placed on Identity theft and as long as you don't meet someone from the Internet you should be fine. My son works within an IT department networking area and has always been a very responsible and respectful person, No drugs, no smoking, and refused to drink until he was of age 21. If he isn't concerned about it, who is?

The youth tend to be the driving force of technology. the latest and greatest. Lack of patience, lack of detail to the "outside the box" possibilities. No one seems to look at the products from a wide angle view. It all comes down to money and how fast can we collect it.

With this mind-set becoming our future security force, it scares me?

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