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Creation of Trusted Folder

Is there a way to setup one trusted folder in my computer. That all the files would be stored there would be recognized as safe files. I’m a solid gamer and most of the games I play detects the cracks as Trojans. And this really frustrates me. I Understand the safety protocol of mcafee and I really thank you for that. But I just want to have a trusted folder and the Risk I would encounter would be of my Own consequence and would never blame you for that.

Please help me out. Thanks

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Re: Creation of Trusted Folder

You posted in the Artemis section.  If something is being detected as Artemis please post the detection number here so that someone in the labs, when they patrol here, can look into it.

If it's the Consumer (Home) software you are using then, at the moment, it isn't possible to trust anything unless it is detected specifically as a PUP or Possibly Unwanted Program, but that is changing soon we believe.

Meanwhile check here for hints on what to do:

If you are using Enterprise (Business) software then trusting is already a feature of the software.

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