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Level 7

Computer Virus

I just got infected by a virus that won't allow me to open any document and including McAfee Security Center. The message keeps on popping up and said that all applications cannot be executed and that a specific file is infected (which is all files are infected). How can i remove this virus? I can't even open internet explore to fix this problem. What can i do? someone please help me

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Level 12

Re: Computer Virus

As you have access to another machine are you able to download our free stinger tool to a USB key or similar?

If so please follow this document where possible.

Hope this helps,


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Level 9

Re: Computer Virus

We need the exact name of the spyware. link removed

Message was edited by: Ex_Brit on 29/12/11 10:52:48 EST AM
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Level 17

Re: Computer Virus

Sorry mate, posting to ancient threads is a bit of a waste of time.

Thread now locked.

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Level 21

Re: Computer Virus

Not to mention it's a no-no to recommend Norton here as it would be to recommend McAfee on their forums.  Re-locking.

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