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How do I get this from keep popping up

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Re: CommonShare.BrowserAdapter.exe


                    I recommend that you first run the latest McAfee Getsusp Tool,please enter your Email Address under "Preferences" before scanning. This Superb Tool and others can be found from the following Link:

                     I would then try this Reliable Removal Guide, which uses some of the same Trusted Removal Tools listed in the above link: How to remove Insta Share Ads (Removal Guide)

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Re: CommonShare.BrowserAdapter.exe

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Re: CommonShare.BrowserAdapter.exe

This is another of the adware products churned out by Sambreel/Yontoo. The giveaway is the "browseradapter.exe" suffix. Someone else was asking about another one of their adware products a short time back, so I did a little digging. I posted some information about the company and its products in this thread.

The removal guide that was provided in an earlier post is not specifically for CommonShare, but the removal steps in the guides for all these adware products are basically the same so it won't matter too much. The actual removal guide for CommonShare can be found at CommonShare Ads and CommonShare Deals Removal Guide.

See - Info about the publisherInfo about CommonShare

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