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I am trying McAfee on my mac. The other day i went to a site and it opened up a page said it was the FBI and that i had been caught downloading bad video from the net. It popped up this screen said it wanted $300 to enter this code. I didn't enter a code but i hit okay as if i did, it said wrong code or  no code entered and asked again, i got it to close by force quit, when i came back up in safari it was there again.  I reset my browser and ran Mac Keeper  and then i decided to use McAfee which is what we use at work, it said one malware caled ad something and it was spyware, said action:  Cleaned....   what does this mean?

I ran another scan and the same came up, same name and action: Cleaned  is this just a log of what its found total or is it failing to get rid of it what does cleaned mean?

I am afraid to go to my banking sites... any suggestions to make sure my machine is clean?

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Re: Cleaned

Ransomware - you should have not touched anything, mouse, keyboard, buttons or anything and simply powered off.  It's clicking anything that activates these things.  Did it encrypt any of your personal files?

Can you reboot into the MAC equivalent of Safe Mode and restore the system to an earlier date?  Not sure how that works as I have no MAC experience, but I gather they have a similar function to Windows System Restore.

There may be some hints in the last link below, but as I said, for MAC's things aren't the same.   Hopefully something there can help.

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Re: Cleaned

BTW cleaned means McAfee detected something and deleted it.    However I doubt it cleaned the ransomware, if it did take root.

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