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Checkeran infection :(

Hello there I need help! I got virus and it screwed up my p.c. the  attached link is causing them problem for me the "checkeran" in a effect  I cannot use my mirosoft program, I click it and then disappear after a  few seconds. I can use firefox but when I open internet explorer I get  the said link (see below) and I keep getting warning pop up. Do you have a download that  will find what causing this problem for me? I don't have £59.99 quid to  pay for a virus removal... I paid for this service to expect some kind of cover. My frist lot of  virus checker Bulldog were very good but I kept getting infected, the  second lot Trend they were good but near impostable to contact when you  know there's a problem. This is the frist I come across where I'm  "forced" to hand over hard earn cash to sort a problem. The other  companies never requsted payment. Lucky for me I opted for a years cover  and a good job too. Next time around I might go back to bulldog. They  got in touch with me within four hours after an e-mail sent. No extra  payment needed, I have to say I am a little disappointed so far.. Any  help with the below problem is much needed

Removed the link due to security reasons...

Message was edited by: Aldrin on 27/1/11 4:11:37 AM IST
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Re: Checkeran infection :(

Hi Lopsidedbunny,

Can you remove the link at the bottom of your post, in case anyone clicks on it, please.

Instead can you take a screen shot and attach it in your next post,

Also, can you please explain in full what is the problem? Can you access the internet?

Last thing, do you know how to get into Safe Mode?

Good luck and thanks.

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Re: Checkeran infection :(

Post moved out of Home & Home Office into Security Awareness. Thanks, Aldrin for removing the link.

This is a Trojan redirector. It's brand new, only hit the streets on the 25th. The site at was only registered on the 24th. It's a site to avoid, according to what people are saying.

McAfee picked it up on the evening of the 25th and have already put it into the Threats database. That means a McAfee scan with the latest DAT file should deal with it.

See this document for information and removal instructions :

Scan in Safe Mode and let us know if that clears the infection.

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