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Can't use Windows Update due to McAfee's "caught" virus.

Today I clicked a link to a site which then downloaded a virus. McAfee claimed to have "caught" and "blocked" the virus, but since then I cannot use Windows Update as the pages come back as null, cannot display page, connection was reset or page has moved. Also google searches links always redirect to pages that are other search engines or sites, random pages load up and the PC starts to lag alot.

I have used some scanners to find and remove some things that McAfee couldn't find (virtumonde mainly), but it hasn't done much good.

I have read pretty much every article on Microsoft's site, but nothing has fixed it.

Any help is appreciated.

Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit.

Last update on Wednesday 24th.

DAT Version 6085

DAT Creation Date: 25/08/2010

Engine Version: 5400.1158

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