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Can't find path to delete trojan!!

Hello all,

  McAfee has just informed me I have picked up a trojan. Does the quarantine feature not exist anymore?

Anyways, the infected part is called mrinhbt.dll

And the path mcafee gives is---    C:\users\tankers\appdata\local\mrinhbt.dll

And then underneath it says it is a trojan called generic.dx!tcu

I can get to users and tankers but I don't see the appdata file anywhere... Any ideas?

I'm running on windows xp if that helps at all.

Thanks for the help!

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Re: Can't find path to delete trojan!!

You don't state which version of VirusScan you have.  As the interface changed this year there are different instructions for the 2009 and 2010 versions.   You can tell by the taskbar icon being square for 2009 and shield-shaped for 2010.

There are some hints on dealing with quarantined files and possibly false detections also in this thread:

I trust that is XP SP3, if not please read HERE and HERE.

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Re: Can't find path to delete trojan!!


The appdata folder is hidden, you`ll need to show hidden file & folders.

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