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Can't Uninstall McAfee Security Center Trial Ver.

I need help on how to uninstall Mcafee Security Center completely that came with my computer.  I purchased computer in 2006 and recently reformatted.  Mcafee Trial is on reformat disk and has taken over my computer.  I tried uninstalling by Add/Delete and using the MCPR removal tool, still there.  Before I could add my own anti-virus products, it started with the Open Cloud Security virus.  Couldn't even use Safe Mode.  Took to Best Buy, they didn't even known how to fix, they just reformatted like I did. 

Now I can't use Windows Media Player-no video, can't install anything that has an .EXE extension and can't delete anything.  I have disabled the Personal  Firewall protection and every 4 hours it give me a pop up on purchasing full product, which I do not want.  1st time it happened, I tried d/l more help and it started deleting my old files.

My question is:  how to completely remove off my hard drive and how not to get the Open Cloud Virus from them after I do it.  I can't afford to keep going to Best buy at $138/ a visit.

Using IE 8 & windows xp ver 5.1, pack 3.  Thanks in advance.

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Re: Can't Uninstall McAfee Security Center Trial Ver.

I moved this thread to Malware Discussions > Home User Assistance.

McAfee doesn't install when you reformat, you would have had to physically start the installation process at some stage as it isn't ever marketed as part of an operating system.   I think your biggest problem is that you've acquired a virus somehow.

There is an excellent removal guide for OpenCloud here:

Scroll down that page as the first links you see are advertising.

Once you are clear of that then we could look into removing McAfee.   Anything dated 2006 will not be much use at protecting you anyway as it is well and truly obsolete.

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