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Can somebody plz help me with removing Alpha antivirus

ok here's the deal i went to a website called well anyways i read and follow the directions on how to install the malwarebytes anti malware download link so i follow each prompt click on the right things that needed to be click on so everytime i tries to click on the program from my desktop the program will pop up then it will pop back out it doesnt give me enough time to check to have my computer scan or nothing before it dissapears i dont knw how alpha antivirus got into my computer but the malwarebyte that i done download is not any good i done reinstall it and downloaded again i even restarted my computer but it still goin through the same old process either it want show or when it do comes up it goes away all i am lookin 4 is a way to get this crappy *** alpha anitvirus from my computer im tired of lookin at the treats and warnings that it is sending me it seem like the hardest thing in the world to do is get this piece of crap off my computer anybody got another solution because alpha antivirus is really ****in up my computer i done tried other websites downloaded a lot of other viruse removal websites and still nothing somebody with good computer knowledge plz help me out
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