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Can anyone help me to remove the Antivirus System Pro, please?

Can anyone help me please?  I have inadvertently let this malicious thing invaded my laptop on Saturday and now it has taken over my laptop.  I have problem detecting it not to mention removing it. The popups never ceased and there is this dialogue about contacting the "administrator".  I came to understand that my system has been taken over and I have no control over it.  It doesn't even allow me to surf the internet to seek help resources without redirecting me to some weird "adult" sites.  Please help!


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Re: Can anyone help me to remove the Antivirus System Pro, please?

Hi Emily

As you mentioned that you are unable to browse, you may have to either download another browser and try using that e.g. Mozilla, Opera, Safari or you may have to use a friends PC to access the internet.

Once you are on the internet, please download the McAfee Stinger from HERE by clicking on Stinger v10.0.1.624

Once you have downloaded this file, save it to your desktop and double click on it. If you have downloaded the file onto a friends machine, then you may have to bring the file from the friends machine onto yours using a USB.

Once you have double clicked the file, before clicking on "Scan Now" , click on "Preferences" and under "Scan these targets" make sure both options are ticked. Under "On virus detection" select "Delete".

Also, under "Heuristic network check for suspicious files" there should be a drop down currently set to disabled. Change this to "Very High" and click OK. Then select "Scan Now".

Hope this helps.

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