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Can anyone help? Computer infected with unknown attack. eBay redirect to fake ebay site page

I have a laptop that is infected with something we cannot figure out.  We have done several types of scans from all types of virus & malwarebytes scans and even the McAfee special stinger scans and it does not remove it. 

When logging into eBay regardless of who is logging in, but only on this particular computer, there is an item invading the "watching" is some motorcycle listing.  The first time my boyfriend saw it on his account he didnt realize it was some sort of problem and now when he tries to move around in eBay, he get redirected to this ghost page motorcycle listing. 

I was curious and I logged in under my eBay account on the same computer and this item was in my watching list as well.  We called eBay thinking his account was hacked and they suggested He log into his account on my computer and this item is not anywhere in his list.  I have checked the host file for the infected computer and there is nothing funky looking in it as far as I can tell based on the MS info from McAfee site.

If there is any other info I can provide, please let me know.


Ran a GetSusp as suggested in another post.  I attached the file.

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