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Can anyone explain this?

I've had McAfee antivirus for two years and had no virus worries mainly because I'm fairly careful. Last week I got three viruses in one go when I answered a friends email. Trojan Fake Alert, Trojan Agent and Trojan Dropper. I went into Vista safe mode and ran a full scan. McAfee said that the machine was clean. I phoned up Chat and they told me they would send me a link to some downloads for FREE. No they're not FREE I pay and annual subscription. Why did they keep saying I could get them for FREE!! This worried me. Eventually I found out why - when none of downloads worked I was told that they could clean my system for an extra payment - a one off fee.  If they can clean my system, they obviously have the remedy to remove these viruses!!

I went on the internet myself and found lots of people with a similar experience. I downloaded Malwarebytes and removed the viruses for FREE and everything's fine now. Worse, I found out these viruses have been around a while!

Can anyone explain what's going on here, is this really a scam!!

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