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Browser keep redirecting me to different websites!!

Help!. I recently found some artemis trojans and some fake-alert stuff. i used Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and did a complete scan with my McAfee total protection and they said 0 viruses or threats, but my browser keeps sending me to varous websites. thank you. I'm quite a newbie so please be easy.

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Re: Browser keep redirecting me to different websites!!

Hi,  I was having a similar problem and antimalware and Mcafee removed some things but the problem persisted.   Someone suggested using Hitman Pro 3 from Cnet.  I was to run it in safe mode but my computer would not do that so I ran it in regular mode.  It found a file called "pciide.sys" which is normally a good file but must have been corrupted by malware.  After Hitman Pro (free trial version) removed that file, I was able to get online normally again, no more redirects to advertising pages, WindowsUpdate began working again, my computer is running much more quietly, reboots go much faster, and I think more problems have been solved than I even realized I had.  I hope this information can help anyone else with this problem.

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