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Browser Hijacker - search312

I found I have this browser hijacker which re-directs to other sites.  Something called seems to come up.  I tried the very (un)helpful online McAfee help and was sent a link to their Free Tools.  When I open the link, I can't get the UTILITIES tab to operate to access the removal tool which (allegedly lies therein).  I then went back to the (un)helpful help and was sent the link again.  When I complained that it didn't work I ws told that was my browser's fault.  Can anyone help either a)  with getting the link to work or b) just helping me get rid of the "search312".  Thanks.  (Please no too-technical replies...or I'll get it wrong.)

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Re: Browser Hijacker - search312

Try to download Malwarebytes and run from here You may have to try this in safe mode with networking.Restart your computer then when it starts up tap f8 until you see black screen.Let the computer run until it stops.You will have an option to arrow down to safe mode with networking.Select this and enter.Then try to download malwarebytes.If this does not work you can try to open up internet explorer.Undertools select internet options,then connections,then LAN settings and uncheck everything.This may only work as temp fix.So Run full scan then I would with malwarebytes and delete.

I would also then open a post in 1 of the forums mentioned in the above article- such as bleeping computer.

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Re: Browser Hijacker - search312

Moved to Security Awareness - Home User Assistance.

I've seen this one on other forums, so I know it can be fixed.

First : do you only get this in one search engine, or does it happen in others too? Which one do you usually use?

Second : do you get this only in one browser? Try searching from other browsers and tell me if the redirect still happens.

If the answer to the above questions are a) Yes and b) No then you need to reset your router.

As a first step, also clear your browser cache and delete all cookies. Run a cleanup program to delete all temp files.

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