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Bombarded with Trojans

Hello community members

I have recently been having serious issues with trojans, i am using superantispyware free edition, malware bytes and mcafee to try and eliminate these problems. The malware scanners keep detecting trojan droppers, and clear them then i run mcafee and remove the viruses. However when i restart the computer and do something as simple as check emails on hotmail random new windows open with adverts, and now it has got to the point where internet explorer loads on its on and directs to advert sites, i ran mcafee and it detected 2 trojans associated with java and 1 artemis virus. No matter how amny times i see to run the malware scans and viruses scans a simple internet surf later im back to square 1. The malicous process that i keep detecting when internet explorer loads on is own is OM4DbTMm.exe i cannot seem to find this process listed anywhere online... but this seems to be responsible, an help/advice would be appreciated!

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