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Bankerfoxa, other matters

Recently, I encountered the Bankferfoxa virus on my computer. I call Best Buy for a customer service number, and they gave me the following number:

877-314-3518 which refers to

From the session with, I restarted the computer, pressed F8 a few times, went into safe mode, started a McAfee scan. I did this a few times, and the computer would turn off. This happened a few times. Eventually, restarting the computer, I found no sign of Bankerfoxa.

Some of the problems that turned up.

TMP/Temp Files

MMC could not create snapin

Windows Update Problem

HP Advisor has stopped working

junk files




These problems seem to fit into the overall categories of:

Windows Update

Junk Cleanup

Registry Check


Internet Check

Some of the junk files included:

Explorer MRUS

Other MRUS


Windows Log Files

Flash Player Cache

Media Player Cache

Ms Managment console cache

Regedit cache

clipboard ache

Registry Check

inconsistencies detected in the system registr, which could be invalid or corrupt or unwanted entries for systems files might not even be present

Type libraries 26

ActiveX+computer: 60

installer 119

Shared DLLs: 20

Internet Connectivity

Directed me to call 1-800-237-2901

Malware included



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Re: Bankerfoxa, other matters

Moved to Malware Discussion > Home User Assistance.

Before doing anything else please read this McAfee article: Required Reading - Home User Assistance, Malware Troubleshooting

If you can isolate the malware that isn't being detected you can try submitting it to McAfee Laboratories.

McAfee  are also developing a new anti-malware tool to help the fight against  malware called 'GetSusp'.  It can be downloaded from their private  group:  GETSUSP

Membership is required.  You can also discuss it in that group and provide feedback.

If that doesn't help then I can suggest other external tools.

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Level 17

Re: Bankerfoxa, other matters

There is no such virus as "Bankerfox.a". If you have seen a message informing you that your PC has been infected by this "virus" then what you have been infected by is a fake anti-virus program which is trying to scare you into paying to have this "problem" removed.

Please see this document for more information.

As for the rest of your post, perhaps I missed something. What was the question?

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