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Ask a question on how to remove viruses: The Q & A Post

I am posting to inquire about how to remove a infected file with a virus. It appears that the file is connected to my Java software and I'll go ahead and paste the file path.  Please note that my full name will not show up.

C:\Users\Chris\App Data\LocalLow\Sun\Java\Deployment\cache\6.0\50Threats Detected

The virus that was infected with the file is known as JV/OpenConnection (Trojan)

My software was able to quarantine this infected file and my question is this

Should the file be deleted?

I will use this thread to inquire every time I receive an infected file.  I'm not an expert, and I wasn't sure if users are allowed to inquire about infected files in McAfee communities, but if they are allowed, I'll use this thread for users to ask questions to McAfee.  This thread is a Q & A post regarding how to tackle viruses as they get infected.

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Re: Ask a question on how to remove viruses: The Q & A Post

Hello maverickvirusfighter,

Please feel free to locate the quarantined file and submit it to, The file must be in a password-protected ZIP file (password - infected), not greater than 3 MB of size. After that, let us know the assigned Analysis ID number identifying your escalation.  Please respond to this message with that Analysis ID number so that we may expedite this issue to our researchers.



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