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Hi all, I've been having this notification popping up again and again, even after I have uninstalled that "pricemeter" programme and getting McAfee to "Remove" it, and that with reference to the particular function in thhe attached screenshot.

Thank you.

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Re: Artemis

You might try running some of the (Free) Tools below my Signature (second link). Preferably Malwarebytes, ( Free Only) Do not accept the (Free) Trial or activate the (Pro) Vesrsion. The (Free) Version will suffice.

In addition try Adwcleaner as well....

Please reboot after detections are found, if any. To entirely remove any remnants.

I hope this helps....

All the best,


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Re: Artemis

Moved this to Artemis Discussion for better handling.

Have you checked that location to see if any trace remains of the sotfware?  You may have to enable view of hidden files and folders to see it in Windows Explorer Tools/Folder Options/View.

Another place to check is in SecurityCenter's Quarantine folder itself when you can either OK it or delete it.

Open SecurityCenter > Navigation > scroll down to Quarantined and Trusted Items and locate it on one of the 3 'drawers'.

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