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Artemis virus only in drive backup?

After an automatic update of my McAfee virus scan, a scan said it found and quarantined my External Drive Backup Trojan (name: Artemis! 1A4BEB947841). Since my backup drive only duplicates files in my internal hard drive, I assume I cannot have a virus there that is not in my internal hard drive. But, virus scan only shows it on my external backup drive. Thus, I assumed that virus scan has quarantined my whole backup hard drive thinking it is a virus. Yet, it does give a filename for the quarantine in my drive backup in documents and settings, localsettings\application data\google\chrome\userdata\default\cache\F_0009DF. Please let me know what is the problem and how do I correct it. Thanks.

I am using Virus Scan V: 13.15, Build: 13.15.113, Language Pack: 13.15.108, DAT V: 5818.0000, DAT Creation Date: 11/30/2009, Engine V: 5301.4018

PS: Also occasionally McAfee has an "Archive Location" window pop up. What is this for? Archive what and why?

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Re: Artemis virus only in drive backup?

This file detected as Generic FakeAlert!dc. I am attaching the extra dat, should be copied into the directory where the other DAT files reside (with default installation, C:\Program Files\Common Files\McAfee\Engine).

Otherwise, use the find/search utility on your computer search to for the following file:


Then copy the Extra.dat we have sent you to the same folder where one of the above is located.

Once you have copied the file, reboot the system for the driver to be loaded.

Further information about Extra.DATs can be found at

You may wish to submit  malware samples to the link below, with the complete description.                                                                         

It may be the best option if you are having a problem with gateway scanners stripping your sample submission.                                                             

If you believe your computer is infected, but are unsure which files should be      

submitted to McAfee Labs for review, please visit:                           



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Re: Artemis virus only in drive backup?

hi, let me know if the issue got fixed?

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