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Level 7

Artemis in VSE 8.5

I'm running ePO 4.0 with most of my clients running VSE 8.5.

I was reading on McAfee's Service Portal that I need to deploy patch 8 and the Artemis Superdat for VSE 8.5 to enable Artemis.

Where do I get this SuperDAT to activate Artemis? Is just the normal SuperDAT that's being posted everyday from McAfee?

I was wondering if anyone has a similar environment as myself and if they have got Artemis working on their VSE clients?



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Level 9

Re: Artemis in VSE 8.5

You will need to contact the McAfee Support team and open a ticket in order to be provided the SuperDat to enable Artemis on VSE 8.5.

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Level 11

Re: Artemis in VSE 8.5

There is an attachment at the bottom of this KB article with the SuperDATs for Artemis in VSE 8.5i.

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