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Artemis Virus, How do I get rid of it?

I've been having so much trouble with this Artemis! virus on my PC. When I do a full scan of my pc with McAfee, it doesn't show up.

When I install a new program onto my pc, often my virus scan will pop up with a notification that the virus has been detected and removed. However, it seems that McAfee actually deletes a core file of the new program that I installed, making the program unusable. I've found the "Artemis!" virus many times up installing a new program, not always right away (sometimes the program works for a couple of days first), but again, it becomes unusable because Artemis will be detected and "removed".

It seems I can never get rid of this virus completely, it just poofs away for a short time and then re-surfaces somehow. I even completely reformatted my pc and did a factory reset, and im still encountering this virus.

Can anyone help?

Please let me know what more information I need to provide.
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RE: Artemis Virus, How do I get rid of it?

See this sticky thread on Artemis:
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Re: Artemis Virus, How do I get rid of it?


For some reason this thread is returned high in the google search when looking for "Artemis virus" so I'm going to post up some advice and then lock the thread.

If you need assistance with a new undetected versionplease start a new thread in our Top Threats space

If you would like us to check the file please follow these instructions. or Once you have submitted please post up the analysis ID we respond with in the

Top Threats space so that we can follow up on it for you.

Hope this helps,


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Re: Artemis Virus, How do I get rid of it?

Simply because it's mentioning Artemis by name, that's all.  It is 2 years old so I will lock it, but that wont take it off a Google crawler's radar.

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