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Artemis Trojan Help please


I am somewhat computer literate but not enough to find the issues without some help. I did a scan and a trojan was found. The info it gave me was: appdata\windows\tempinternetfiles\content.IE5CUO39K2\sun[1].DB....artemis!CE5CB2D47CDF. It stated that it was taken care of so I rebooted and I have the same issues. I cannot connect to a site other than some site that said I should purchase their product to solve this problem. I cannot open anything as when I try it states the .exe file is corrupted. I caanot virtually get into anything to try a sys restore which I know wont work anyhow. So the McAfee program said it removed the issue but there are some lingering effects loaded in my computer somewhere. If someone could help me to get this off my system I would greatly apperciate it and as I said I follow instructions well and can take care of this with some help.


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