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Hello All:

Both McAfee and McAfee-GW-Edition are detecting our software SpyNoMore as Artemis!FE5F2BA2E180. I kindly request that SpyNoMore be properly analysed in order for you to verify that it is not in any way a malware or a trojan. Please note that several other AV products were - and some still are - listing SpyNoMore as malware and what not, but we are in contact with those companies to get this fixed asap. So far, MalwareBytes, Kaspersky, Norton (Symantec), GFI, VirusBuster, and AVG have ceased to detect SpyNoMore as harmful upon their review. We are sure that once you test our product, you will be thoroughly convinced that it is indeed clean. Please do let me know if there is anything else needed from our side. Also, we do have on file all our previous version, all signed and dated, if any are needed by you.

SpyNoMore can be downloaded from or website

If you email me, I can provice you with an activation code for your testing purposes.

Please also note that we have all our previous version on record, all signed and dated. Those can be made avaiable if needed.

We would appreciate a quick (and thorough) review as we are needlessly being harmed by your listing / detection of SpyNoMore.


Majeed Sulaiman


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Re: Artemis!FE5F2BA2E180


It would be best if you could submit the sample with the needed product keys to virus_research! Kindly refer the following link on sample submission policy:

Please write False Alarm in the subject line of the e-mail that you send.



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Re: Artemis!FE5F2BA2E180


                  Due to the fact this thread is over (3) years old. I am taking the Liberty of Marking it as 'Assumed Answered' and Locking. Any further issue with this detection, please start a New Thread.



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