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McAfee blocked this program or file Artemis!F3980FA9EE2 and can not delete it for some reason. I can not delete it through my control panel either, im not sure what to do. Is it harmful? Can anyone help?


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Re: Artemis!F3980FA9EE2

Hi Jan,

We request you to please send us a sample for analysis, in a password-protected ZIP file (password - infected) to
You can find detailed instructions for how to do this at

Once you receive the Sample ID, please let me know I will check it further.


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Re: Artemis!F3980FA9EE2

Hi jan,

Please follow below steps in order to submit the sample:

First, in Windows environment, click Tools >> Folder Option in Windows Explorer. Click on the View tab:

1. Enable the "Display the Contents of the System Folder"
2. Enable "Show hidden files and folders"
3. Disable "Hide Protected Operating System File"
4. Disable "Hide Extensions for Known file Types"

Creating zip / archive files: If necessary, install WinZip.

1. Right-click 'Start'
2. Select 'Explore'
3. Browse to the file to go in the archive

4.Right-click the file

5.If you are using WinZip, select 'WinZip'
6. Select 'Add to Zip...'
7. Click 'New'
8. Specify the name you want to give the zip file, e.g. sample  9. Select a place to save the Zip file to (make a note of this)  10. Click 'OK'
11. Click 'Password'
12. Enter and confirm a password (infected)

13.Make a note of the password, you will need it for your email

14.Click 'Add'
15. Close the archive or add other files.

To add files to the archive

1. Browse to the next file
2. Right-click it
3. Select 'WinZip'
4. Select 'Add to Zip file'
5. Click 'Open'
6. Double-click your Zip file (it will probably be displayed, browse to it if     not)
7.Click 'Add'

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