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Artemis!EEE3CE22B3C5 (trojan) detected

I've just had a popup box from McAfee telling me it's found out my laptop is infected with Artemis!EEE3CE22B3C5 (trojan).
I was wondering if you knew what this particular one does and if you could how should I go about removing it?
I'm in the process of trying to get rid of it but I'm worried that I won't get all of the infection cleared up.
If you could help me I'd be very appreciative.

Thank you so much,

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Level 18

Re: Artemis!EEE3CE22B3C5 (trojan) detected

Artemis detections are generally provisional and may sometimes be false detections.

In this case the only software so far associated with that Artemis detection is a downloader from Softonic for hamachi.exe, which is flagged as suspicious/potentially unwanted/trojan by 11 antivirus companies (see VirusTotal report).  The file is correctly digitally signed, so is unlikely to be intentionally malicious, but there is something about it which triggers warnings.

If you consider that the file is wrongly identified as suspicious there is a document HERE which takes you through the steps needed to get it investigated.

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