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Artemis!D6638336CAB9 hoax?

THis is what happened to me today:

My McAfee (updated, version 14.0, DAT version: 6029) detected today a Artemis!D6638336CAB9 Trojan. (could NOT find this trojan in your Mcafee virus database)

My PC has: WinXP Pro, 32b.

Info was:  File: C/ Windows/system32/iedkcs32.dll

process: C/Windows/system32/svchost.exe

Mcafee desinfected this file and sended it to "cuarentena" (quarenteen sp? ). After that, I had to reboot my PC by Mcafee.

After rebooting system I got a message from automatic windows update : to install : KB982381

So I try to install that update, but install always fails (after 3 tries). So I try to install it by downloading the file from windows update web here:

After downloading this file, I try to install it, but it gives an error and again suddenly Mcafee finds the trojan : Artemis!D6638336CAB9

in file: SP3GDR/iedkcs32.dll

in process: IE8-WindowsXP-KB982381-x86-ESN.exe

So after all this info I think that Mcafee thinks that this file is a Trojan, despite it is an authentic windows update file.

Could someone help me please?


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Re: Artemis!D6638336CAB9 hoax?

Ops. forgot to tell you I´ve got:

Mcafee Total Protection:

Mcafee Security Center :

Version: 10.0

Compilation: 10.0.580

Last Update: 13/05/2010

Mcafee Virus Scan:

Version 14.0

Compilation: 14.0.309

Last Update: 01/07/2010

DAT version: 6029

DAT creation date: 30/06/2010

engine version: 5400.1158

and some more like firewall, siteadvisor , and so on (please, let us copy+paste this info in "About Mcafee" window !!! )

I am Spanish, so my Mcafee language is Spanish.

I contacted Mcafee spanish support but they did not helped me. They told me to use "Stinger" application which I am currently using to find Trojans (they think I have got some trojan couse of the Artemis detection )

If you need more info, ask for it

but please, help me here !

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Re: Artemis!D6638336CAB9 hoax?

Finished Stinger Aplication:

Preferences were:

Scan targets: Processes  + Boot Sectors

On virus detection : Report only

Detection : all marked excep for: Enable Macro heuristics and Report Applications.

Sensivity level: very low.

Number of Clean Files: 225487.

It did not found anything.

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Re: Artemis!D6638336CAB9 hoax?


I've moved your thread to the artemis area and as I see you have already posted it here I will lock this thread.

Kind regards,


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