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I have been getting this after I updated a program to the newer version to use it. I could not figure out how to add to a trusted list. I have a program on my trusted list that was a brute force password cracker that I had to have for some classes but I can not remember how I put it on there. I would like to use this program but I can not figure it out. I used this program alot before I updated it. I can still run the older version but it is no use to me anymore. Help please...

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Re: Artemis!D5A87C9EFD5B

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That name is usually a temp name till Mcafee gives it a final name.

The number means I assume you have a new virus thus a new name.

Have you submitted the file to mcafee if so does it still call it artemis?

When they reply please reply to the email changing the subject to possible false +ve and name of detection. Also say why you think it is a false detection and post analysis Id here.

Some other scanners

McAfee Communities: Anti-Spyware, Malware & Hijacker Tools

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Re: Artemis!D5A87C9EFD5B


Artemis!D5A87C9EFD5B has been suppressed. Kindly allow up to two hours for this update to reflect in Artemis system.



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