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How do I prevent these trojans from reoccurring? Am running a current security program, which didn't detect them. Stinger did. But I've had to modify all my email contacts b/c the trojans sent bogus email from my acct.....very embarrassing. Short of running Stinger in safe mode w/ networking every time (& thus having to completely shut down my laptop daily), what can I do? Install Spybot and Mal-Aware in addition to my security program? Any input appreciated! Thanks!

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Level 12

Re: Artemis!C2754D1F3098/3ADCE5E65586/55E4B0F759B8

Hi Elizabeth,

We have suppressed false detection Artemis!55E4B0F759B8, please wait for 30minutes this should not trigger.

However I am not unable to locate Artemis!C2754D1F3098 and Artemis!3ADCE5E65586. Could you please send me the sample in password-protected zipped file (password-'infected')

You can find detailed instructions for how to do this at <>

Please let me know the submission id and type 'false' in subject line while sending the sample to

Thanks & Regards

Neha Chattopadhyay

Mcafee SME

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