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Artemis!B467466361BC detected/quarantined

This morning McAfee AV On Access scanner detected and quarantined an old program exe from my downloaded kits disk drive (yes, I have dedicated a separate drive to caching downloaded kits).

I've noted a long string of false positive events in this discussion forum related to Artemis going back many months.  I'm assuming my finding is yet another.  Just advising you for any possible corrective action for your research team.  I'll download a fresh copy of the kit that was set aside today to insure it is the latest available.  I've also performed an update on the McAfee signature DAT files and rescanned my entire system.

The program is from cnet pppoe.  Sorry, I dismissed the On Access alert message before I captured the exact, full name.  If you can guide me to the location of the quarantine cache, I'll look up the file name and report.


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