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Level 7


Hi everyone. McAfee just auto deleted this from my laptop and I was curious as to what exactly this was. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Level 20

Re: Artemis!AE18789A2195

It would be nice to know the file name and folder it was Artemis detections can be false detections

Artemis is the name McAfee Labs gives to unknown, possible risks.  They are submitted to them automatically for analysis.   If you post the Artemis detection numbers here  their staff may spot them and post.

If you can get the file again you can submit it to Mcafee for testing

Post the analysis id here and if no answer to your email in 4 days I will ask for it to be checked.

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Level 12

Re: Artemis!AE18789A2195


I have checked this file and it may belong to some toolbar which in installed on your machine.

Please provide the information on file name , directory and location of the file.



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