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Artemis! 9F472B337110 Virus

Hi all,

I have an infected Network.

The Network comprizes of SBS 2008 and about 20 client PC's

Firstly a few workstations found W32/Conficker.worm with mcAfee managed. I then scanned the Server and found the W32/Conficker.worm and removed.

Then some client machines detected Win32/Brontok.E@mm Virus.

I scanned the server again and found that all shared folders have a "exe file" in them that was named after the folder it was in, like c:\Shared\Support\Support.exe.

I scanned with McAfee Stinger and it detects these exe's as the Artemis!9F472B337110 Virus.

Does anyone Know what it is that is infecting the network. I am led to understand that Artemis is generic name that McAfee uses but the numbers afterwards is what tells what infection is detected.

Any assistance would be appreciated.


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Re: Artemis! 9F472B337110 Virus

Duplicate with locking this one.

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