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hey guys,

I keep on getting a mcafee pop up asking whether i want to remove Artemis!9CD881ED1CA9. I click yes then a few days later i get the same thing. It says that it is quarantined from C:\\Windows\SysWOW64\rpcnetp.exe

any help would be appreciated

Cheers NDO

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Level 20

Re: Artemis!9CD881ED1CA9

That file I think is made by absolute software and used in laptops by Lojack software. It is rebuilt each boot from possibility the bios.

That is a guess post the file on and send it also to Mcafee as per

Reply to their repy with teh subject line

possible false +ve and name of detyection. If it is a false detection they will fix it up asap.

If no fix in say 5 days post back with the analysis number from the reply and I will chase it up with a lab tech.

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Level 12

Re: Artemis!9CD881ED1CA9


Artemis!9CD881ED1CA9 has been suppressed. This file should no longer be detected.



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