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Artemis!8F221094EA88 PUP

Just encountered the Artemis!8F221094EA88 PUP via McAfee and it is indicating that it cannot remove it.  Any advice as to how to get rid of the Artemis PUP permanently would be appreciated??  Other renditions have occured and have been successfully quarantined by McAfee but this one apparently cannot be removed.


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Re: Artemis!8F221094EA88 PUP

Moved this to Malware Discussion > Artemis Discussion and amended the header to be more obvious in case someone from the labs patrols the forums.

Artemis is the designation the software gives something unknown, and it may even be legitimate.


PUPs are not usually harmful but can often be a nuisance.   Try running GetSusp and then AdwCleaner and Malwarebytes Free as linked in the last link below.

Follow the instructions there.

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Re: Artemis!8F221094EA88 PUP

This Artemis detection is not noted anywhere else (yet). If it's a PUP it's almost certainly adware, and as it's a new Artemis number it may be McAfee has just added a fresh detection rule to catch a particular strain of adware. I wonder if this is the first occurrence here of Superfish?

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Re: Artemis!8F221094EA88 PUP

Hmmmmmm, Good Point.

Especially since Lenova said they were reaching out to Microsoft/McAfee (Out of all other Anti-Virus Vendors/Partners) I might add. It could very well be the case. Just as Microsoft added a new Signature to their Windows Defender/Microsoft Essentials Data Base to cover it.

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