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Artemis!8CBE6FC5C432 What is this? How do I get past it?

Hi, I'm brand new at this and not a technophobe so please keep it simple.

I'm trying to install an External Hard Drive but when I put in the installation CD and click on the item to install I immediately get a message from my McAfee security program that a trojan has been detected and removed and it will not let me install. When I go into McAfee Internet Security program it tells me that this file has been detected and removed. When I researched this file it says that it is a malicious virus. I don't know what to do next;  I just want to install my new hard drive. I'm very confused.  Is Toshiba really sending out installation CDs with trojans?  Do I return this hard drive and get a new one or will they all indicate the same thing from my McAfee security program?  Please, will someone help me?
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Re: Artemis!8CBE6FC5C432 What is this? How do I get past it?

Its possible, whether intentional or not. What you can do is go to the hard drive manufacturer's website and download the drivers from there, or from the toshiba website.

Looking at some other threads, this may not be a true infection... I'm not supprised that mcafee s putting the burden on the users, needlessly scaring them with scary detections. Please see the below thread.

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