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I cannot sent this to McAfee, it is quarantined every time I start my computer and now I am getting these pop-up ads from finance ad all over when I am online.  WHen I try to send it to McAfee it fails.  I do a scan and nothing else is detected.  Looking for some guidance.

Thank you

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Re: Artemis!744285F6A9F3

The send does not work this has been reported send it via

Though Mcafee has this so submitting it is not necessary it is a new detection that is why the Artemis name so removal of it and the rest of what it does will follow when they analyse it more.

But while we wait try

1. getsusp it will pick up any suspect files and submit them to McAfee ensure you add your email addy to its preferences. It will hopefully pick up extra files this deposits. I would also clean up all your internet and windows temp files and browser caches.

2. malwarebytes use the free version not teh free trial of the premium version

3 adwcleaner

get them here

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