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Artemis!6D6BEC35C4C5 - HELP!

Hello all,

I need some help, but I am basically computer illiterate. Just last night I did a Full Scan and this 'trojan' was detected and quarantined: Artemis!6D6BEC35C4C5. McAfee does not detect it during a Quick Scan. I have done another two Full Scans and it has also been detected in those scans as well, so that is a total of three scans where in each case this is detected and quarantined.

Also, while running the scan if I have IE8 open and it detects the 'trojan' it closes IE.

The file is apparently: C:\PROGRAM FILES\MCAFEE\MSM\MCSMTTSK.DLL (Does anyone know what this is!?)

Once the scan is finished my Computer & Files, Internet & Network and E-Mail & IM  all require attention. This seems to be remedied by clicking on 'update'.

Any help would be much appreciated!

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Re: Artemis!6D6BEC35C4C5 - HELP!

This issue must be resolved by now. As you are all aware Artemis is a   real time technolgy and the issue got rectified when multiple hits were   seen on a single file.

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Re: Artemis!6D6BEC35C4C5 - HELP!

I'm moving this thread to the artemis area.


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