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Artemis 4F9D661FC4DA/ ArtemisC64E32D53401

My weekly scan detected two trojans on 1/10/2010 and placed them in the virus vault.

They are BIG KAHUNA REEF.EXE   Artemis 4F9D661FC4DA.


At present they are still in quarantine.  We have not clicked on any links for these games. This is the first time anything has been detected in 18 months so I don't know how to find out which files are infected.  An earlier scan on Wednesday 29th. was clean.

Any advice would be helpful and what potential harm are they .......(I am not a technical type person by the way)

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Level 12

Re: Artemis 4F9D661FC4DA/ ArtemisC64E32D53401


These two files are the game file and not malicious, these has been whitelisted and it should no longer detects. As Artemis is updated in real-time there is no requirement to wait for a full DAT update nor to use an EXTRA.DAT intermediate solution. Simply wait approximately 30 minutes and this false will no longer exist or trigger on your system. Depending on the network settings you have or the caching involved between your system and ours it may take slightly longer for this false alarm to be resolved.


Nitin Kumar

Mcafee SME

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